Touch of Insanity

The whole world has gone mad

Mockup - 10 Book Set

The Touch of Insanity series is a continuing epic with cliffhangers. Please, read the books in order.

Touch of Insanity

Young Adult, Fantasy, Dark Fantasy

The goddess Mischa has gone mad. Cities fall into ruin, the dead rise, and magical rifts tear open the fabric of reality, and insanity spreads through Besamie like a wildfire.

Kharee wants a simple life, but the gods have other plans for her. Created specifically to heal Mischa, Kharee’s powers were kept from her when a dark magic inferred with her conception.

Now, as agents of darkness close in, Kharee must discover the truth about herself and her missing powers if she is to live long enough to fulfill her destiny.

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01-First Steps

First Steps (Book 1)

Kharee ends her engagement to local politician, Lord Erik, and joins a small group of adventurers to earn money for her family. Kharee and her companions manage to prevent the murder of a powerful druid, but as she learns more about her colleagues, Kharee discovers they aren’t as trustworthy as she hoped.

As Lord Erik’s henchmen close in on her, a mysterious elderly woman named, Windola gives Kharee a gift to help with her adventures and clues to her future.

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02-Abbey Isle

Abbey Isle (Book 2)

Kharee and her companions take a job on the remote Abbey Isle to find out what happened to the priests of Folan. When she confronts Ben over his cruel behavior, Kharee’s powers start to show. Group loyalties become divided and Foss’s secret mission to find the Healer takes a new turn.

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Forging Ahead (Book 3)

Kharee and Foss return home to face their families. The bad blood between Kharee’s family and Lord Erik deepens, forcing Foss to intervene. Things aren’t much better when she returns to court with Foss and meets his infamous father.

They volunteer to help find a missing person, led by Ben. As their journey takes an unexpected detour and Kharee’s powers grows, the rift between companions widens.

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04 According Worth-Final

Each According Their Worth (Book 4)

Kharee finally learns the secret of her creation and the sole purpose of her existence. She comes face-to-face with the god, Tomar and is knighted to bind her to the One King. An assassination attempt kills Foss’s father and throws their world into war.

Balance and Chasing Rabbit are finally brought to justice for their crimes, but murder, conspiracy, and the unpredictable taint of Mischa’s insanity skew reality. Kharee and her companions vanish from their camp, leaving their world without the promised Healer.

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05-Into Darkness

Into Darkness (Book 5)

Trapped in a dark realm known only as the Drift, Kharee and her companions are forced to work together to find a way home. Hunted by a demon made of the very land they travel, the group looks for a magical stone that might help Kharee heal Mischa.

Balance’s power return and the dark taint of the Drift takes hold of his mind as the group faces terror, treachery, and heartache.

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06-The Fallen

The Fallen (Book 6)

As Kharee and her companions across the Drift, their alliance crumbles and her turn on her with deadly intent. Balance uses his dark power to control Foss and her survival is at stake in a battle of powers.

With Lilten still on their trail and werewolves hunting them, Kharee and her small band of loyal friends track the Healer’s Stone to the crumbling keep of Lord Vasheer, a centuries old vampire who has his own plans for Kharee.

Coming June 2020

07-Birth of Emotion

The Birth of Emotion (Book 7)


Coming July 2020

08-The Great Divide

The Great Divide (Book 8)


Coming August 2020


Tarna'Hala (Book 9)


Coming September 2020

10-Blood of Darkness

Blood of Darkness (Book 10)


Coming October 2020

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