Rosa Marchisella

Fantasy, Science Fiction, Paranormal
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Rosa Marchisella is the author of the gripping Touch of Insanity series and bone-chilling novella, The Greatest of Books. Her stories focus on fantasy, paranormal, and thrilling adventures.

A dynamic and prolific story-teller, Rosa has earned critical praise as a writer, stage actress, vocalist, public speaker, and artist. Her hobbies include gardening, art, and playing games with her kids.

With over 200 stories, screenplays, scripts, and articles, Rosa's career is best described as:

Oops, I Did It Again!

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Inclusion in Anthologies

From the Deep from Fiction-Atlas Press, Sept. 2021


June 2020 - Brief Words: Interview of Rosa Marchisella, L. Bachman

April 2020 - Self Isolation Interview with Rosa Marchisella, Michael R. Baker


Book Spotlights

The Greatest of Books - Timothy Bateson, Oct. 2018

First Steps, Touch of Insanity, Book 1  - Poppy Kuroki, Aug. 2020

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