The Greatest of Books

Success has a terrible price

Karlos Grimdark Knight

The Greatest of Books

Dark Fantasy

To clear his name, disgraced knight, Baxton Al’Mur is magically bound to an impossible task: Retrieve The Greatest of Books from a legendary troll or die horribly. No one has ever faced the troll and lived. Soldiers have fallen. Wizards have failed.

Death would be a blessing for Baxton, but the Curse of Life has bound his best friend’s fate to his own. For Lenigh’s sake, Baxton must succeed. But, success has a terrible price. Wherever Baxton and the book go, so follows the unstoppable troll.

As the body count rises, Baxton has to make a terrible decision: Sacrifice hundreds of innocent people to complete his mission or betray the last person he loves to keep his world safe from the troll.

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Five Star Review

"The Greatest of Books bursts into action from the very first chapter. It has a fast paced, propulsive, kinetic, and dark story line. There is never a boring chapter. Marchisella has created a ferocious book whose pages are a whirlwind of action and sacrifice ... It is a heart-stopping, heartrending, thrilling tale, well worth the read."

- Jessica Barbosa, Readers' Favorite

Advanced Praise

“Ominous, vicious, and worth it! Marchisella breathed life back into the legendary troll and gave me chills.”

– Joshua Robertson, Thrice Nine Legends


"It's true to its name. The Greatest of Books is truth in advertising.”

- Thomas Atwood Jr., Dauntless


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