Eyes of the Hunter

Even the most tightly guarded secret can’t be kept forever 
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Eyes of the Hunter

Young Adult, Fantasy, Sweet Romance

Prince Erin, heir to the throne of Simanthea, spent a lifetime protecting. But even the most tightly guarded secret can't be kept forever.

When Caley, Erin's best friend and devoted bodyguard, discovers the depth of Erin’s deception, his rage explodes like wildfire and devoted guardian turns to terrifying bounty hunter. To survive, Erin must outrun the past and evade the Eyes of the Hunter.


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Advanced Praise

Eyes of the Hunter is a captivating tale of deception, forbidden love, and betrayal. I enjoyed it so much I read it twice!”

~ Laurie Wetzel, Unclaimed Series


"The intriguing premise hooked me from the start. Adventure, friendship, love, loyalty, deception, betrayal and forgiveness; Eyes of the Hunter has all the elements I love in a book."

- Maria Bernard, Romance Author

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5 Star Review

"This is a wonderful story with a fascinating premise that had me hooked from the very beginning. Eyes of the Hunter is a very suitable story for young adults as it explores the aspects of relationships and how they can be affected by lies and deceit. Rosa Marchisella did a tremendous job with the two main characters, Prince Erin and Caley, in developing the relationship between the pair and showing how love and hate can be two sides of the same coin. The action is fast and frenetic with plenty of little twists thrown into the story to keep the reader guessing. I found the writing to be tight and compelling, drawing the reader into the story and ensuring he/she just wanted to keep reading. This story could well be the basis for a series of books and I, for one, would love to read more about these two characters . . . An excellent read that is as equally suitable for adults as it is for young adults. A great job by Ms Marchisella."

- Grant Leishman, Readers’ Favorite

Editorial Review

“Superbly crafted, Ms. Marchisella has created a world with vivid imagery, compelling characters, and the right touch of wicked humor to keep you turning the page.”

~ Emma T. Gitani, Rhetoric Askew Creative
Development Editor

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